JFDR interviewed by Grey Gersten


Who are your influences?


A huge influence in my life is my father. As a mentor…one of the most stubborn man in my life. Massive inspiration in my life is Shahzad Ismaily, who has actually in a way, he has given me super powers. Actually both of those men have given me super powers by believing in me. Shahzad in a gentle way and my father in a harsher way. Both of those men have inspired me to create. 



What are you trying to destroy?


*Sigh* There’s a part of me that’s trying to destroy pop music…by making pop music…I can’t say that I’ve done it yet but I’m getting there. I’m in the slow game. 




What are you holding on to that you want to let go of?


uhhhhhh wow. um I want to let go of my ideas of love, relationships and romance. I want to learn all of that again. That’s my answer. 



If you were on fire and could only save one body part which one would you save?


Of my own body part? I don’t know much about biology and the way the body works. I guess I would be gone and dead. I guess I would save my eye. Eyes are very special. Sha La La




You’ve been living in NYC recently, how do you think that has changed you?


Um. It’s hard to say because I’m kind of in it. I’m still figuring it out. I’m learning so much from living in any one place. It doesn’t feel like the learning curve is necessarily tied to one city. I think the city pulls me towards itself because I seem to have hit a very special wave of creativity and community and sense of family. It’s really very special and rare to find. The fact that it’s in NYC is just a bonus. 



What makes you laugh?


Grey Gersten. And a lot of other things. Currently he makes me laugh a lot. 





How do you think being from Iceland has impacted your artistic process?


It’s a small place with a big ego. Being an artist that can often result in some very strange insular but obnoxious work that can also be quite brilliant. 





When you cry is there ever a moment where you think it will never stop?


Yeah, recently. But it wasn’t a volunteer feeling honestly. I think it has a lot to do with hysteria. 



When you fly in an airplane what is your preferred beverage?


Seltzer Water. Used to be Ginger Ale but I’m trying to cut out sugar. 



Do you have a reoccurring dream and what do you think it means?


When I sleep? Um…My reoccurring nightmare…you’re on stage and there’s no stage and somethings not working. Those can be really frustrating and scary dreams. It just reflects mundane fears and reoccurring fears that you encounter. Dreams are things you haven’t processed, so I guess I just gotta go and face that fear. Maybe I need to fail more and see that it’s fine.