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Destiny's Upon Us

The circle burns the old circle to cast away in fire wave need to keep watch on seeds something new in the ashes, we put out fires and lit anew. He is plant, a tree and strawberry with arms close to ground reaching far up and down like treewave touching ground and up in air. 

Walking home, same path in different place in my great-grandmothers shoes. What to you think about roots and waves Jófríður? To be walking in the same place but being a whole other self, like a river that is at same place constant new water. 

Words and music by JFDR. Produced by Shahzad Ismaily & JFDR. Drums by Philippe Melanson. Mixed by Philip Weinrobe at Figure 8 Recording. Mastered by Sarah Register at The Mastering Palace. Released on White Sun Rec. in collaboration with Figureight and Morr Music. Video by Michael Odmark.